CRAZY RIVER GUIDES! An outrageous combination of wacky humor, superb skills and more charm than a barrel of monkeys, the guides will dazzle you and keep you safe as can be. They are licensed for commercial rafting in accordance with the draft Federal Rafting Standards of Canada and hold valid certifications from the Professional River Outfitters of Alberta, as well as Swiftwater Rescue and First Aid Certification. Each year, we spend time honing our skills and practicing rescues. They work with all types of groups - even the little ones will be charmed! Special needs groups can be catered to, and we are aware that not everyone is young and fit! At all times, we are dedicated to your safety and showing you a great time!

But guiding the boats is only a part of the business, and without our office and operations staff, no one would get on the river! We have a talented booking and marketing team organising all of our trips, managing the paperwork, preparing the food, and taking care of all the many details that are part of running a business. Below are our managers… look for the new 2019 staff pics and bios in early May!