PAYMENT IN FULL is required to book a trip.
CANCELLATIONS: The cancellation fee is dependent upon the deadlines below. All cancellations pay at least a non-refundable fee of 10% of the TRIP COST. 
DEADLINES: groups of LESS THAN 6 guests
7 days or more get a 90% REFUND. 
Less than 7 days, get a 90% CREDIT.
Less than 2 days, get a 40% CREDIT. 
Less than 24 hours, no refund or credit. 
DEADLINES: groups of MORE THAN 6 guests
14 days or more get a 90% REFUND.
Less than 14 days, get a 90% CREDIT. 
Less than 7 days, get a 40% CREDIT.
Less than 24 hours, no refund or credit. 
WEATHER: Rafting is the BEST ACTIVITY to do on a rainy day! Trips run as scheduled, rain or shine. We reserve the right to reschedule a trip if the river is too high to run safely. Re-scheduled trips can be declined and a CREDIT will be issued. 
OTHER DETAILS: Guests must sign a medical form & waiver prior to trip departure. Guests appearing impaired due to drugs or alcohol cannot participate and will not get a refund or credit. 
DEFINITIONS: A REFUND is a returned payment. A CREDIT is a payment held by us on your behalf. Credits can only be used for FUTURE trips, but are transferable to other people. Substitutions are unlimited on all trips.