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WHITEWATER TRIP: Illecillewaet River
What time is the trip?
In June, there is one trip at 12pm. For most of July and August, choose between a morning trip time at 9:30 AM and and afternoon time at 2 PM.  In late August, we once again go back to one trip a day at 12 pm.
Is there a minimum number? NO - not on the afternoon trip. For adults, the afternoon trip has no minimum number. The morning trip requires 6 adults to confirm the trip. For families with children, there must be 4 people ages 16 or older for safety reasons. If you want a morning start time but don't have enough people, please submit a Booking Request (see below). 

What time is the trip?
The River Pirates is at 10:30 AM, and the Columbia River Journey is at 5pm. Both trips only run in July and August. Check our Booking Calendar below to see what is currently available. 
Is there a minimum number? YES. We must have 4 people to confirm a trip. If you don't have enough people, please submit a Booking Request (see below). 

How do I submit a Booking Request? If you don't have enough people or adults, select your date and time and fill in your contact information. If other guests have already booked for the morning, the system will automatically accept and confirm your booking. If there is not yet enough people booked, you'll submit a Booking Request and we will contact you when more people book. 

Do I have to pay in advance? Yes, you must pay for your seats in advance. If you're not ready to make a payment, contact us and we'll provide a Sample Booking with all the information. A Sample Booking does not hold your seats or require a payment. 

Got questions? Call 1-877-945-3786, email us at or stop by our booking office between 9am and 7pm at 621 Victoria Road in Revelstoke, BC.